Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Technology period change lives!

They say the internet and television makes us dumber, if you ask me it taught me everything I know and more. I sit in class all day listening to lecturing and taking notes, and doing some activities, none of which has taught me as much as the internet has. I think it's because i dont show interest in learing things that dont benefit me right away. For , example when I'm in class my teacher I'll try and teach me a new math problem, my first thought is that this I'll never help me in life, and it'll take me awhile to understand it. Learning the formatting for facebook takes me about 15 minutes to learn and i'll be good at it. People say the internet and televison makes us dumber but in reality it makes us smarter seeing a visual at all times and trying to keep up with the new trend has actually helped me in school and picking my major, so i believe the only way to prove it makes us dumber is by actually running test and than well really see!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The news, oh boy do we love the news. In class we read another Chuck Klosterman article and he was talking about the news, from my understanding about how it can be relevant and irrelevant at times. We watched a serious of news clips and class some relevant and others very irrelevant. An example of a relevant news clip we watched would have to be about the kids drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk its relevant because it provides news thats allowing people to be aware, and theres something we can do about it. Planes blowing, because of the wind is very irrelevant and a waste of air time because there
s news out there that is far more important.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Thinking back to when I was a kid, the only movie i could remeber that reflected on me and kind of define my child hood would have to be the breakfast club. I was shown that movie when i was kid and even then it described kind of how my generation was, my school went from kindergarten to highschool, so as a young age I was dealing with different cliques and things like that. How the breakfast club is set up where they had a kid from different cliques in detention reminded me of the different groups we had back than when I was in school, and now and I believe it'll remain like that but the different kinds of groups will change.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Is Reality TV?

When asked to describe, reality televison most people I'll describe it as video grouped into thirty minute to an hour shows about ordinary people and usually their lives in certain places, and its no scripted. Celebrity reality shows are also similar except they are more luxury, as in they have more. In reality, reality televison even though its pose to be straight forward no script they have one they go by they have to behave a certain way, act a certain way and they have to act that way 27/ 7 while they camera is rolling, they also have to talk about certain subjects brought, I guess the question here really is, is there a such thing as reality tv, or is it made up.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back when hip hop first arrived, most might call it a bit aggresive and violent, and that because rappers as muscians were starting to find themselves, they were bringing streets with them, which caused a lot of beef between them and other rappers. Now a days theirs good influence they dont just rap about death drugs and sex anymore some actually teach, some are actually trying to be good influence on their younger fans, and as a rap manager i've learned you have to listen to understand and you have to also experience with the subject thats why rappers now a days listen before they decide its the career they want to take.

Country music back than and now are the same and it will contiue to be the same , theirs not that many types of country to me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who, dont bootleg, I find it impossible for anyone not to bootleg in their life. Bootlegging has been around since forever and everybody has taken part into keeping it around. Boot legging is illegal in most cases, and it being illegal is what makes people do it more, I'm not quite sure about this one because i dont exactly fully understand the question being asked, like are you asking, what makes it so popular, like for the video games are you asking why do people play them so often, like why they so powerful in making people want to buy or get really into them? Same for bootlegging are you asking what makes it so common? why does people do it?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Toughness effects the attitude of the guy, because they believe with toughness comes with you having to act a certain way. Some guys believe with a certain toughness you have to act violent to get a certain amount of respect. There's popularity tough some times friend expect you to act a certain way when your popular such as scaring those who's less popular. I guess the type of toughness you are depends on your attitude and your act of violence..