Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Technology period change lives!

They say the internet and television makes us dumber, if you ask me it taught me everything I know and more. I sit in class all day listening to lecturing and taking notes, and doing some activities, none of which has taught me as much as the internet has. I think it's because i dont show interest in learing things that dont benefit me right away. For , example when I'm in class my teacher I'll try and teach me a new math problem, my first thought is that this I'll never help me in life, and it'll take me awhile to understand it. Learning the formatting for facebook takes me about 15 minutes to learn and i'll be good at it. People say the internet and televison makes us dumber but in reality it makes us smarter seeing a visual at all times and trying to keep up with the new trend has actually helped me in school and picking my major, so i believe the only way to prove it makes us dumber is by actually running test and than well really see!


  1. Do you think that you can learn everything from the internet?

  2. youtube has a soultion to almost everything and its a visual which i learn better from anyway so in a way yes i do think i learn everything from the internet.