Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back when hip hop first arrived, most might call it a bit aggresive and violent, and that because rappers as muscians were starting to find themselves, they were bringing streets with them, which caused a lot of beef between them and other rappers. Now a days theirs good influence they dont just rap about death drugs and sex anymore some actually teach, some are actually trying to be good influence on their younger fans, and as a rap manager i've learned you have to listen to understand and you have to also experience with the subject thats why rappers now a days listen before they decide its the career they want to take.

Country music back than and now are the same and it will contiue to be the same , theirs not that many types of country to me.


  1. I think too a lot of hip-hop raps are about stories being told (not that country isn't). I think that's what I find most interesting about some hip-hop music is the different stories they tell. A lot of them aren't pretty (language wise) but life isn't always pretty and a lot of these raps tell some very deep stories of the artists' lives.

  2. Actually, when hip-hop first arrived, it wasn't violent at all. That didn't happen until a decade after its first appearance as a musical genre.

    Country music has changed quite a bit over the years. All musical genres evolve over the years, as the listeners change and their interests change.