Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who, dont bootleg, I find it impossible for anyone not to bootleg in their life. Bootlegging has been around since forever and everybody has taken part into keeping it around. Boot legging is illegal in most cases, and it being illegal is what makes people do it more, I'm not quite sure about this one because i dont exactly fully understand the question being asked, like are you asking, what makes it so popular, like for the video games are you asking why do people play them so often, like why they so powerful in making people want to buy or get really into them? Same for bootlegging are you asking what makes it so common? why does people do it?

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  1. Questions to clarify the question really should be asked before you create your post. After all, the questions are given a full week before they are due. You have many days to ask questions and to think about the answer before creating your post.