Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Makes Us Happy!

It's difficult for us as human beings, to predict what makes us happy, because our emotions change to often, or i should say our feelings for certain things changes. Knowing this information in the future might help us with things, such as buying a gift or getting into relationships, before we decide to take action we must stop and think will this person feel the same way down the road.

Marriage, is played out to be the best thing that can happen to you the moment is describe as breathe taking, as if you'll never live it again, and many peopele get married just to feel that feeling. Some of those marriages end with a divorce others may actually last I guess the only way to know if you'll actually be happy is to experience the sitaution.


  1. your blog left me with a feeling of nothing. it was almost like you put no feeling into what you were writing which is fine but it wasnt all that interesting to read.

  2. The two paragraphs here seem to contradict. The first concludes that you must think ahead of time to try and predict happiness, but the second paragraph implies that there is no way to do such a thing, and so a person must take a leap of faith.